Hyper GoGo Go-Kart Kit

Although it doesn’t actually hover, the hoverboard craze was a huge hit in it’s time, and while the fad is over, it doesn’t mean your trusty two-wheeled balancing device has outlived its usefulness. At least not if HyperGoGo has anything to do with it.

The hoverboard maker has unveiled the HyperGoGo GoKart Kit last week that will turn any make of hoverboard into a super cool go-kart.

Hyper GoGo Go-Kart Kit

The GoKart by HyperGoGo is not new to the market though, Segway’s Ninebot has done it before. There’s one key difference with this new GoKart kit however, it isn’t limited to an ecosystem like Ninebot’s kit is, so absolutely anyone can get one with any brand of hoverboard.

That’s a big deal to us, I can’t understate that feature enough! If you don’t have a hoverboard already, there’s a whole bunch of deals on their website to get a GoKart with one, and being a hoverboard maker themselves they have a pretty good range to choose from.

Did we mention they there’s shock absorbers built in too? Well now you know, it’s a pretty smooth ride if you ask me. It’s frame is all metal which is a plus, not just for durability but for aesthetics, this thing looks slick.

Hyper GoGo Go-Kart Kit
For both kids and grown ups.

Perhaps more importantly, it’s also extendable, so we had no issues setting it up for kids or pulling it out for us fully grown humans.

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Setting up is also a neat feature, it’s a pretty simple process, if you already have a hoverboard it only takes a few minutes to be up and running. Portability is important to, you’re probably going to want to take these out to a better location then your front drive, the HyperGoGo GoKart folds down to fit into most automobiles easily.

Let’s talk about speed. This thing can go fast. Or as fast as your hoverboard at least. That’s right, it’s powered by your hoverboard remember! This thing hooks up to any “engine” you want, which to us is a huge benefit, this gives you the freedom to upgrade, customize and change to your hearts content.

If your friend beats you in a race? All you have to do is to get a faster hoverboard for the next race! Or perhaps you need to go off-road? Well, then get some off-road tires on your hoverboard.

I’m sure if you’ve read this far you’re already sold, I mean why would you still be here if you weren’t interested?

If you do, then you are in luck, because they’re on offer right now with 15% off the first 100 orders for their launch promotion, and for the pre-sale period which ends in 25 days, you can pick yours up for only $369. If you’re in need of a hoverboard then make sure to check out their bundles too.

Link to HyperGoGo website: https://www.hypergogo.us/

All images courtesy of HyperGoGo.