Strand Craft California Superyacht Concept

Strand Craft has just tweeted an image of its latest yacht design, a 135-meter (444 feet) “superyacht” concept called California. California is a 50-crew boat designed to accommodate up to 24 guests and it is powered by a hybrid electric “azimuthing propulsion pods” good for 18 knots (which is equivalent to 33 km/h or 21 mph in land speed).

Strand Craft California Superyacht Concept

The propulsion when paired with an unspecified battery system would allow the 8,000-ton luxury vessel a range of 8,000 nautical miles (about 14,816 kilometers, or 9,206 miles). Strand Craft California is a Kurt Strand design (or at least the exterior is) that has a steel construction and an aluminum superstructure.

Not a lot is known about the amenities and features, but judging from the handful of images we saw, we know that the California have at least five floors, plus the bridge, with the lowered two story a waterfall feature. The waterfall cascades from the third floor to the second and then to the lowest floor at the aft.

Strand Craft California Superyacht Concept

The aft is also where you find a stepped dock and over at the bow, there is a helicopter landing pad. Not surprisingly, cos’ this is in fact a huge boat. Just before the helipad, is an open air lounge area. Interestingly, Kurt Strand also includes a lighted name of the boat which appears to be placed behind the curtain of water falling from the second floor. Beyond those, little is known about this pretty darn dope concept yacht.

Images: Strand Craft.

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Source: Twitter (@StrandCraft).