Strand Craft California Concept Yacht Has Waterfalls Onboard

Strand Craft has just tweeted an image of its latest yacht design, a 135-meter (444 feet) “superyacht” concept called California. California is a 50-crew boat designed to accommodate up to 24 guests and it is powered by a hybrid electric “azimuthing propulsion pods” good for 18 knots (which is equivalent to 33 km/h or 21 […]

Strand Craft V8 Wet Rod Is Like The Rolls-Royce Of Jet Ski

there are 101 ways to flaunt your wealth like owning a bespoke catamaran and stuff, but being seen riding a Yamaha or perhaps Kawasaki jet ski isn’t one of them. that’s a serious woe there for the richie rich, but fret not cos’ Strand Craft has just the remedy for it and it is called, […]