we have seen many fine examples of super yacht and this one is climbing the chart. direct from renow...

Gray Design SC166 main 544x258px
(image credit: Gray Design) Strand Craft SC166 | about US$50million | graydesign.se

we have seen many fine example of super yacht and this one is fast climbing the chart. direct from renowned automotive and luxury yacht designer, Gray Design, is this Strand Craft SC166 – a super yacht with lines inspired by modern day super car. the secret of maintaining the sleek lines is the retractable flybridge and radar mast which keep things concealed when not in use. the retractable flybridge opens up to a sun deck complete with a large Jacuzzi and a built-in bar. even the entrances to the craft are carefully concealed in an effort to maintain the smooth lines of the SC166.
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measuring an awesome 166-feet, the SC166 has five double en-suites staterooms, each having its very own 52-inch Bang & Olufsen TV and top of the range sound system. if you have to walk to turn on the lights or sound system, it ain’t going to be anywhere near luxury. hence, this boat features an iPad control and information center from Poets Road, allowing the occupants to activate any function from anywhere within the boat. this dedicated app also gives user essential information on the running and status of the vessel. three engines powering the SC166, give it a top speed of 40 knots.

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the world is never lacking in luxury yacht but there’s one luxury the SC166 has that other yacht might not have, much less heard off: it has a garage built-into its aft. yeah, you heard right. it is a garage all right. for a cool $50 million, you will not only get this cutting edge, stealthy-look yacht but a specially designed supercar that’s powered by a V8 engine that makes 620 horsepower and has a top speed of 305 km/h. a super yacht and a super car combo – if its not a match made in heaven, we don’t know what is.

the world is not lacking of billionaires and according to Gray Design, talks are underway with buyers and this beautiful vessel is ready to go into production at a moment of notice. this vessel looks so great that we suspect the Navy might be drooling with envy.

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