What you are looking at is the Mongoose BMX-style bike, straight out of the third season of Netflix’s Stranger Things. The Stranger Things Mongoose Max Bike is, as the product name implies, Max Mayfield choice of ride in season 3. It boasts boatload of Mongoose BMX-design elements inspired by the 1980s and they include replica frame and fork of the classic Mongoose pad set, along with show-inspired details like two rear axle pegs, a large battery-powered headlamp, nylon platform pedals, Mongoose BMX saddle, 20-inch 5-spoke alloy mag wheels.

Stranger Things Mongoose Max Bike

Other highlights include single speed drivetrain, front and rear caliper brakes, show-appropriate graphic detailing, and a stem wrap over featuring a cartoon Mongoose logo. Clearly, this nostalgic bike is designed for kids. In fact, it is recommended for kids age 6 and up, or between 4-5 feet in height. But thankfully, it is designed to hold up to 250 lbs (113 kilograms), which means you can most certainly satisfy your inner child – if you are fine with its $219.99 asking price.

The Stranger Things Mongoose Max Bike is not the first replica bicycle from the show. Schwinn had made Mike Bike last year. Considering how BMX was the thing in the 80s, I’d obliged to think Stranger Things Mongoose Max Bike will be more sought after. That’s assuming the consumers, namely fans, are willing to shell out over 200 dollars for it.

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If you do, you will want to know it is available exclusively at Target. Not sure the rationale behind the exclusive to Target move. I mean, though old, Target doesn’t quite spell 1980s. Don’t you think? Continue reading to catch the official product promo video.

Stranger Things Mongoose Max Bike

Images: YouTube (Mongoose Bikes)/Facebook (@MongooseBikes).

Source: GearJunkie.

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