Official Evangelion Escape Room

I am not sure if the concept of escape room is fitting with the theme of Evangelion. The basis of Neon Genesis Evangelion is protecting humanity from random attacks by alien race dubbed the Angels and so, escaping is not quite the theme here. Well, unless if you are talking about Shinji Ikari, well, then that’s a different story. Anyways, fans in Japan will be able to experience fleeing from an Angel attack soon in an upcoming escape room called “Escape From The Invisible Angels”.

Official Evangelion Escape Room

According to the Anime News Network, your escape from an encounter with the Angels, will be available starting July 29 in Kanagawa, Japan. The concept puts participants in the front row seat as the pilot of Evangelion Unit 01 (ah… now I get it) placed inside Nerv HQ. You will not escape from the “conflict” per se, though. Participants are expected to work with Misato, 1st Child Rei and 2nd Child Asuka to capture the “mystery angel.”

Like any escape room, players will need to solve puzzles and such to progress through the facility and eventually, escaping or in this instance, capturing the Angel. The game will, reportedly, sold as kits at the venue and include voice recording. Also, do note that you will need a LINE account to play the game. Why? Beats me. But as far as Japan is concerned, that shouldn’t be a non-issue as LINE is a popular WhatsApp alternative in Japan. “Escape From The Invisible Angels” will start on July 29 at Lazona Kawasaki Plaza in Kanagawa with more locations to be announced.

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Images: SCRAP [JP]/Comic Natalie [JP].