Deadpool is, without doubt, the coolest antihero to have come out of Marvel Comics. Though I can’t say the same for the live-action portrayal by Ryan Reynolds. Anyways, just how cool is Deadpool? Is he cool as ice? Or is he drippy cool like a scoop of melting ice cream? I do not have an answer. However, I now know that there is a vinyl figure of the antihero as an ice cream, specifically as a scoop of ice cream and more specifically, a melting scoop of ice cream.

Deadpool: One Scoops Designer Toy

I guess that makes the merc with a mouth drippy ice cream cool? And yes, it is not only a thing, but also one you can buy. Sorry, but you can’t eat it. Deadpool: One Scoops is a designer toy from Unruly Industries, designed by by South California-based graphic artist Erik Scoggan. It features the masked Wade Wilson as a scoop of melting ice cream on a cone and most interestingly, the 6.5 inches tall vinyl comes with a stand in the likeness of a severed Deadpool’s gloved hand – complete with exposed Ulna and Radius. Thankfully, it (the hand) does appeared to be bloodied.

Deadpool: One Scoops can be found on Sideshow where you can pre-order it for $85. Definitely many times pricer than your average scoop of ice cream, but at least this will be forever, not something that gets eaten and pooped out. Delivery is expect to happen in early 2020.

Images: Sideshow/Unruly Industries.

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Source: Technabob.

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