These “illusion mapping t-shirts” from Japanese firm ekoD Works serve the same purpose as the checkered 3D illusion blouse we saw a few years ago. It creates the illusion of having something (namely, physique) you don’t have like, for example, having a toned chest and abs, or in the case of ladies, fuller breasts. The t-shirt is actually called “faint muscle mousou mapping t-shirts.” Mousou here means “illusion” which is exactly the intention of the product.

The men’s t-shirt features faint print of toned pectoral muscles, accompanied by six-pack abs, while the women’s boasts a faint print of a well endowed cleavage with lacy brassier. The t-shirt is in white for obvious reason. For those who don’t know the obvious, you haven’t been staring at people wearing white t-shirt, likely because of your lack of interest in biology.

Anyways, the whiteness of the t-shirt together with the faint printing replica the sometime see-through effect of white tees. The faintness of the print reinforced the notion in incredible realism. Well, at least it appears to be in photos. Two versions are available: one with toned chest and abs print and the other, breasts with bra print.

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Both designs are available men and women. Don’t ask why. I am not sure why any guy will want to be wearing one with breasts and bra and why any woman will want to be seen with toned (and flat) chest and six packs. If you are interested, you can get them on ekoD Works web store for 3,888 yen (about US$36). And yes, ekoD Works does ship internationally.

Images: ekoD Works.

Source: Oddity Central.

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