Jaguar C-X16 Concept heading to Frankfurt Motor Show

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in less than a day, Frankfurt Motor Show is going to throw its door open. if you are lucky enough to be there, you will be seeing this sleek concept from Jaguar – dubbed the C-X16 concept. we need not to detail how beautiful it is as you can witness it for yourself in the gallery after the break, though some may disagree with its traditional sports car look. beyond the looks, is a heart-pounding 3.0-liter V6 power plant that develops 376-horsepower (280-kW) and 332-lb-ft (450-Nm) of metal twisting torque, and at a touch of a button, this vehicle readily becomes a supercharged big cat.
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the vehicle also features a “Push to Pass” hybrid system readily available as a steering wheel button, where with a touch of a button, activates an electric motor that’s integrated into the 8-speed gearbox, dosing the car with an additional 92-horsepower and (68-kW) and further twisting the metal with 173-lb-ft (235-Nm) of torque, propelling this magnificent car from zero to hundred in just 4.3-seconds and on its way to a top speed of 186 mph (299 km/h). these days, automakers are careful what the car gives back to the environment and on this note, the Jaguar boast an equally impressive CO2 emission of 165 g/km and the car’s electric drive is capable of achieving a speed of 50-mph (80 km/h).

as said, the design may look traditional but at least the chances of this concept seeing the light of production is pretty high. how do i know? because the car has the look of our time and there are fancy gadgets but merely a marriage of performance and eco-friendliness. check out a gallery of C-X16 Concept after the break.

Jaguar via Freshness via Autoblog

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