BMW M3 Touring the M3 Station Wagon

Supercar level of performance often means sacrificing space – cargo space. But if you can wait it out, that may not be true because, BMW has revealed that the first BMW M3 Touring is being developed.

That’s right, petrol heads. A performance M3 station wagon is coming your way. Hurray for more cargo space with performance.

The 5-door M3 with “highly variable luggage compartment” will be powered by a 6-cylinder M TwinPower turbo engine and it will boasts “wide axles”, along with large front air intakes and a quad-exhaust tailpipes.

Beyond that, that’s we have to savor. After all, it is still in the development process and won’t be seeing market release until around two years later.

As a consolation, you know it is coming as the BMW M3 Touring has been given the go-ahead for test drives on public roads. In addition, intensive testing and tuning process will also take place on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring, said BMW.

For those who don’t already know, the M3 station wagon will be the fourth model variant of M3 and it sure is something pretty exciting.

BMW has chose to reveal this dope news ahead of the world premiere of the new BMW M3 Sedan in September 2020.

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Image: BMW Group.