xDrill Digital Smart Drill by Robbox Inc.

Drilling a hole is more than just picking up a drill and starts drilling. It entails measuring, knowing how deep to drill and very importantly, ensuring it is level at all times. As it turns out, there is a more efficient way that lets you ditch leveler and measuring altogether, and that way is the xDrill.

xDrill Digital Smart Drill by Robbox Inc.

xDrill is a Digital Smart Drill by Vancouver-based Robbox Inc. It is the drill of the future, now, with so many high-tech features that, if I can be honest, get us excited about a drill, or any power tool for that matter.

xDrill has built in laser measuring, digital leveling, intelligent speed/torque and a touch screen to boot. That’s right. Touch screen has arrived to power drill.

Laser measuring offers DrillPoint coordinates, depth control, distance measurement, while an on-screen leveler lets you know if you are drilling leveled. You can even set the angle of leveling if angled holes are required.

Meanwhile intelligent speed/torque lets you select the material you are working with and the size of the drill bit, and xDrill will automatically set the torque and speed. There is also a TouchTorque that lets you manually set the torque via the touchscreen if you so choose to.

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xDrill Digital Smart Drill by Robbox Inc.

A few other notables include powerful brushless motor, selectable high speed/low torque and low speed/high torque via a speed/torque switch, direction selection, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, metric and imperial units selection, and it has got a rechargeable and removable 21V battery good for 3 hour of operation on a single charge.

And did we mention it is app-enabled? It sure does – that’s where the WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity comes in. Using a companion app, you save measurements, find your tool, lock the drill if it is stolen, setup user profiles, check usage (run time, torque, speed) and believe or not, keep count of the number of times you drop the drill.

xDrill is indeed a drill of the future, now. OK, maybe not now, now. It will drop sometime in February 2021. Also, it is not cheap (obviously).

You can pre-order xDrill Digital Smart Drill on Kickstarter for an early bird price of 399 Canadian money (about US$300). The campaign is funded, btw. Not surprisingly, actually, given what it has to offer. I think it could have a lot more backers if not for the high price tech (even at 33% off the eventual retail price).

xDrill Digital Smart Drill by Robbox Inc.

All images courtesy of Robbox Inc..