Marshall Fridge – it’s a rocking fridge

Marshall Fridge
(photos: Marshall) Marshall Fridge | US$299.99 |

beer is to rock music, like Ayrton Senna to Formula One – all thanks to Slash and Budweiser, well maybe not. anyhow, you can now combine your undying love for this alcoholic beverage (not just Buds) with the icon of rock (not Jimmy Page), with the Marshall Fridge. yes. it is a refrigerator from Marshall (actually, we are not that sure), featuring an authentic Marshall facing, Jim Marshall’s Signature, authentic Marshall logos, along with control knobs that go to eleven. it’s faux guitar amp opens up to a 4.4 cu ft (125 liter) worth of storage space for your cold ones, including a dedicated can storage area and a high efficient freezer. good thing that you won’t find any circuit in there. well, at least not to this level. all you have is one heck of a rocking fridge to go with your black leather pants lifestyle. coming to you this October for a special introductory price of $299.99. just be mindful not to mix up this amp with your real Marshall. trust us, we know how is it like to be drunk. really.

Marshall Fridge via Uncrate

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