Ceramic Speakers V2 by Joey Roth

Ceramic Speakers V2 by Joey Roth
(photos: Joey Roth) Ceramic Speakers V2 by Joey Roth | US$495.00 | www.joeyroth.com

to some, speakers are more than just a pair of black rectangular boxes. in fact, it should be nothing short of stylish and if you happen to fall into the aforementioned category, you will probably appreciate what Ceramic Speakers by Joey Roth has to offer. into its second generation and simply known as Ceramic Speakers Version 2, these speakers retains the original horn style design but feature an improved 4-inch driver with larger neodymium magnet, as well as a redesigned paper diaphragm. the pair is matched with a Tripath 2024 T-Amp based amplifier with gold-plated binding posts, clad in a stylish stainless steel chassis that sits on a cast iron base. key features include RCA interconnects, flexible inputs via its 1/8″ audio jack, 15W per channel of power output, and contrasting pink 16-gauge oxygen-free copper speaker cables with banana plug termination. these porcelain speakers are propped up by beautifully crafted Baltic birch plywood stands. oh, did we mention that it has the most stylish volume control lever we have ever seen? the Ceramic Speakers V2 by Joey Roth is not exceedingly pricey but still, it will set you back at $495 for a complete system. think we just fell in love all over again.

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