LG Introduces New InstaView Refrigerators That Automatically Makes 2-inch Ice Spheres

I can’t imagine anyone who needs ice in their drinks than those desert or tropical region dwellers. OK, maybe party animals who host parties at home frequently probably need a shit load of ice too. For the latter, a refrigerator that automatically makes ice will be most welcome. More so, if the fridge makes slow-melting […]

This Ambitious Coffee Table Is Also A Fridge, A Bluetooth Speaker, A Wireless Charging Pad And More

Who needs a self-driving fridge or a remote controlled R2-D2 fridge/projector when there is a coffee table that is also a refrigerator? The Coosno is exactly that. It is a smart coffee table and refrigerator hybrid that negates the need to walk to the kitchen for drinks when you needed one when on the couch. […]

It Looks Like Someone Has A Miniature Ice-version Death Star In Their Fridge

Most people open the refrigerator several times a day without bating an eyelid, so there is really no news about it, but I have this question to pitch: what happens if you keep a fridge running and not open it for like a really, really long time? I don’t how long. Just very long I […]

Samsung Shove An AKG Speaker Into Its 2018 Fridge Lineup Because, It Can

For some reason, the folks over at Samsung think the cold box in your kitchen deserved to be equipped with a premium quality sound speaker from AKG. Yes. AKG on a refrigerator. Perhaps, having a speaker on a fridge solely for the purpose of audio alerts is nothing of a biggie or even news, but […]

SMEG’s Brings The Wonderful D&G And FIAT 500 Fridges To The U.S.

In what could be possibly the most awesome cross-industry collision are these unique refrigerators coming from Italian home appliance maker, SMEG. Whether you are a fashion- or petrol-head, these SMEG fridges are guaranteed to enthralled you. Kicking off these unique collaborations is the D&G x SMEG FAB28 Fridge which is based on the home appliance […]

Cheap DIY Hack Gives A Garage Sale Fridge A New Stunning Look

When you pick up something from a garage sale, you will accept it as-is. Hardly will anybody ever thought of doing something to the newly acquired pre-loved items. Not for Gypsy Hughes, from Tamworth though. This mum had acquired a used fridge in a garage sale and decided that, though in pristine white, it (the […]

The VW Bus Lives Again! But Now It Will Park In Your Kitchen As A Refrigerator

We have heard Volkswagen is rebooting the iconic VW Bus and if I ask me, I’d say the news come as both yay and nay. Yay because the microbus is coming back and nay because it will never be as cool as the iconic ride (cue The Doors’ Light My Fire). I guess somethings are […]

Panasonic Self-driving Fridge Is What Every TV Show Binge Watchers Need

At a time where binge watching TV series has become a norm, it only makes sense that you stay glued to your couch and such instances, if whenever you feel the need consume some cold drinks, Panasonic self-driving refrigerator seems like a no brainer. Unveiled at this year’s IFA, the self-moving refrigerator called ‘Ku’ is […]

LG Has A Fridge That Lets See What’s Inside Without Opening The Door

If you find the act of opening a fridge and checking the expiration date of the items you stash in there a chore, well, here’s a good news: LG’s new flagship Door-in-Door fridge, InstaView. maybe just the answer you are looking for. InstaView is exactly what it sounds like: it lets you see through the […]

Glowing Han Solo In Carbonite Makes This The Coolest Fridge Ever

Special effect artist Frank Ippolito is known for his work on movies like Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, The Chronicles of Riddick, and Casanova, and he had hands in helping Adam Savage to create the amazing Admiral Ackbar cosplay for Adam’s incognito entrance at Comic-Con. You may not know Frank, but he latest […]