We know too much of something is never good (except for riches, of course). That something includes sugar-loaded beverages like Coca-Cola. But what if you are such a big fan of this iconic soda? Then, I suggest you get the Coca-Cola Can-shaped Desktop Fridge from Koolatron instead.

Coca-Cola Can-shaped Desktop Fridge

One thing to note is, you don’t necessary need to stock it up with Coca-Cola – which it can accommodate 12 cans or two 2L bottles, btw. You can stash other healthier drinks like Coors Light or something. Just kidding. Water is the best. Make sure you boil the water because, you never know what monsters are lurking within. Also kidding. You do what you do. Water is the best though.

Back to this awesome functional collectible. As you can see, it is a giant-size Coke can, complete with the official Coke graphics first introduced in the early 70s, which is a bit of nostalgia to brand loyalists.

Coca-Cola Can-shaped Desktop Fridge

This desktop refrigerator is good for homes, RVS, trucks, offices or wherever you see fit – as long there is 12V DC supply or 110 V AC power outlet. It uses thermoelectric cooling that cools contents up to 36 degrees Fahrenheit (20 egress Celsius) below the surrounding temperature.

On the inside, the interior sliding shelf can be removed to suit the contents. Coca-Cola Can-shaped Desktop Fridge measures 11 x 11 x 17.75 inches (27.94 x 27.94 x 45 cm) and so, it is actually fairly large which makes it even more alluring.

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If you want one, you can purchase it on Amazon.com where the price has been slashed to US$116.49 (from U.P. US$218.40). However, we do not know how long this price will last. So, you may want to act on it ASAP.

Coca-Cola Can-shaped Desktop Fridge

Images: Koolatron.

Source: Technabob.

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