Coca-Cola Can-shaped Desktop Fridge: Seriously, Do We Need To Say More?

We know too much of something is never good (except for riches, of course). That something includes sugar-loaded beverages like Coca-Cola. But what if you are such a big fan of this iconic soda? Then, I suggest you get the Coca-Cola Can-shaped Desktop Fridge from Koolatron instead.

Koolatron Can Vending Fridge

if you love vending machines, then you must love Japan – the undisputed land of the vending machines but instead of going all way out to the land of the rising sun to embrace the vending machine culture, why not own one yourself (seriously, sushi is not for everyone)? if that’s what you have in mind, then the Koolatron Can Vending Fridge is the must-have machine that will…