After turning the Xbox Series X memes into reality by actually making three functioning Xbox Series X refrigerators, Microsoft has revealed that it is making an Xbox Mini Fridge.

The story went that Microsoft said it will make a mini fridge if Microsoft (or rather, Xbox) win a Twitter brand contest – which it did.

Xbox Mini Fridge Officially Announced

That was a couple of months ago. Fast forward to E3 2021, Microsoft has officially revealed that it is honoring its promised of a mini fridge. The so-called Xbox Mini Fridge even has its own world premiere video.

In the video, the mini refrigerator is billed as “the world’s most powerful mini fridge,” featuring “Xbox Velocity Cooling Architecture” and it will arrive in Holiday 2021.

Xbox Mini Fridge Officially Announced

Beyond that, little known about this upcoming Xbox product. However, if you watch the video, you can kind of figure out that this miniature fridge has a capacity for around 10 cans of beverage. Even then, that’s about it. Oh, also, it looks like an Xbox Series X console, of course.

A couple of questions remain: will it be available to the general consumers, or will it be limited, and how much will it costs?

Images: YouTube (Xbox).

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