fancy starting a home automation for your home, but not sure where to start? well, the Belkin WeMo Light Switch looks like a good place to start. it will not make coffee for you in the morning, but it will, however, let you control the connected light (or lights, depending on how many of the lights you hook it up to) over WiFi, 3G or 4G network using your smartphone or tablet from anywhere. the best part is, the Belkin WeMo Light Switch is a simple, direct replacement to your standard household light switch and once fitted, and connected to your home WiFi network, you will be able to turn the lights on or off using the free WeMo app. with the app, you can also schedule the on and off time, and even have the lights turned on and off based on the local sunrise and sunset.

a cool subtle glow allows the light switch to be easy located in the dark and with the integration with IFTTT, an online service that creates triggers using different Internet-based services (email, weather, et cetera), the possibility is pretty much endless. the Belkin WeMo Light Switch joins the growing WeMo smart home platform including the WeMo Switch and the WeMo Baby. you can get yours for $49.99 each. check out a product video below to learn more.

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