Belkin WeMo Baby

Belkin WeMo Baby
Belkin WeMo Baby | US$89.99 |

clearly, you would want to be able to monitor your precious little one while you are busy with other tasks but do you really need to ‘see’ them? if there is anything we learn from our experiences, is that visual is the last thing one would pay attention too when you are busy working on something else, therefore, what you need is a baby monitor that offers audio cues, and do it brilliantly, so that you can really know what’s going on with your little love one without taking your eyes off what you are doing. the new Belkin WeMo Baby is just the device that offers the aforementioned. unlike the current offerings of iDevice baby monitor that touts both audio and video, the WeMo Baby offers what matters most: clear digital sound without interference and of course, monitoring without range limits, whether its from your backyard or away from home. powered by Evoz‘s baby monitoring service, WeMo Baby works over 3G/4G network or WiFi to wirelessly stream high-quality audio from the baby’s room to your smartphone via a free WeMo Baby app and it allows access from up to six devices simultaneously for remote listening. for those looking for more advanced monitoring, Evoz offers optional upgrade service for an additional service fee of $9.99/month or $59.99/year, providing advanced monitoring, cry notifications via text or email, cry history information, as well as analysis of baby’s crying and sleep patterns. as for the hardware itself, it will set you back at $89.99 a pop. available from November 2012.

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