This Sci-Fi-ish Baby Monitor Does More Than Just Monitoring Your Bundle Of Joy

Baby monitor. There’s no shortage of them in the market. But the thing is, if look around, most of them are nothing more than video cameras that lets you see you baby. Not the Motorola Baby Halo+ from Binatone Global, an official licensee for Motorola Baby products, though.

Apparently, Fetus Hears Music Better If The Speaker Is Inside The Vagina

There are gadgets and there are weird gadgets, and then somewhere in the obscure corner of the universe, there are gadgets that makes you go ewwww!. OK. To be fair, we have not come across any gadget that would make us goes ‘ewwww!’, well, that is until Babypod comes along. Cute product name, but let […]

This Cool Gadget Uses Computer Vision To Monitor Baby’s Breathing

I don’t have children of my own and so I am not quite sure why is it important to monitor a newborn’s breathing. However, I think the Nanit Breathing Wear sounds interesting enough to warrant a mention here. The product name is actually quite self-explanatory, but if you really must know, it is basically lets […]

Meet Owlet Band, The World’s First Consumer Pregnancy Monitor

Made for home fetal monitor isn’t new. We have seen it as far back as 2014, but this new one from Owlet Baby Care, called Owlet Band, kind of changes everything. How else did it go on to bag two CES awards in categories of Wearable Technology and Tech to Change the World? And oh […]

Elvie Revolutionizes Breast Pumping With Cordless, Wearable Breast Pump

I don’t have kids. Neither am I a woman, but I do have sisters and cousins who do. From them being pregnant and subsequently giving birth, breast pumping is a necessary routine. Often, they have to excuse themselves to breast pump and if they were in nearby room, you can hear the whirling sound of […]

Here’s How You Can Get A Moving Car Simulating Baby Cot By Ford

Let me see. This news came up on April 6, so the MAX Motor Dreams Baby Cot you see here is not an April Fools prank. The thing is, it is not a creation of some startup nor is it a product of a baby care company. It is in fact a product by Ford. […]

If Smartbe Has Its Way, Baby Stroller Could Be Going Autonomous Too

Autonomous vehicles are the buzz words of 2015 and they will be for many more years to come until it becomes roadworthy, but before that could happen, a startup wants to make baby stroller autonomous. The idea is, pushing your baby around relegates you to, well, just pushing. You can push and run so you […]

Skoda vRS Mega Man-Pram Baby Stroller

there’s nothing sissy about pushing your little one around in a baby stroller, unless the pram in question happens to be of Barbie’s design (there’s no way we are going to look like Ken. no freaking way). however, in any case if you feel that you belongs to the 33 percent British dads who felt embarrassed pushing a conventional prams

Longboard Stroller by Quinny & Studio Peter van Riet

want to be the coolest mum or dad on the block? then be sure to look out for the Longboard Stroller, a concept stroller conjured up by stroller specialist Quinny and design agency Studio Peter van Riet that defies the norm of a stroller design by incorporating a baby stroller to a longboard. but why a longboard with a stroller?