There are gadgets and there are weird gadgets, and then somewhere in the obscure corner of the universe, there are gadgets that makes you go ewwww!. OK. To be fair, we have not come across any gadget that would make us goes ‘ewwww!’, well, that is until Babypod comes along. Cute product name, but let me assure you that its use is anything but adorable. So, what is it that this Babypod does? Oh, nothing much really. It is just a speaker of sort that will let an unborn child listen to music – except that this speaker has to be shoved into a mom-to-be’s vagina.

Babypod Intravaginal Speaker System

Apparently, music or whatever sound gets dispersed through the abdomen and therefore, the only way to ensure the fetus hears clearly is from the inside. Why? Because, science (apparently). Created by a Spain-based company, Babypod claims that “the only way the music can really reach the baby is vaginally” and it will help “stimulate the vocalization of babies before birth.” How? Don’t ask me. I am no doctor or scientist.

Babypod Intravaginal Speaker System

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a gynecologist to use the device. To use it, all you have to do is to shove that pink gadget into your v-jay-jay – with the cable leading from your smartphone connected to it, of course – and pick from a selection of playlists from a dedicated app and voila! private listening for your little one in the comfort of your womb. The device features hypoallergenic silicon exterior and it is, of course, IP66 rated because, well, you know why.

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Babypod assures users that it is hygienic, but seeing how the speaker has holes on it, I can’t imagine how so. Yes, It is washable, but you know how holes are bad news hygienically speaking.

Babypod Intravaginal Speaker System

Anywho, the patented device even has the stamp of approval from Institut Marquès, an international center of reference in Gynecology, Obstetrics and Assisted Reproduction, and bagged the IG Nobel for Obstetrics in 2017. So, yeah, vaginal speaker is a thing. So get used to it. And oh, it costs $150 a pop. If you so desire, keep going for a product video to learn more.

Images: Babypod.

Source: Parents.

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