Baby monitor. There’s no shortage of them in the market. But the thing is, if look around, most of them are nothing more than video cameras that lets you see you baby. Not the Motorola Baby Halo+ from Binatone Global, an official licensee for Motorola Baby products, though.

Motorola Baby Halo+ Baby Monitor

One look and you know it is different. It is crib mountable that “hovers” over the crib and does a bunch of things like read stories to the baby, play lullabies, and even project images on the ceiling to keep the little one entertained – just to name a few. It really feels like something you will find on a U.S.S. Enterprise if Starfleet staff have babies.

Motorola Baby Halo+ Baby Monitor works with a companion app that offers control over the monitor with ease.

It further features color changing LED nightlight, a portable 4.3-inch “parent unit” to monitor the baby from other part of the home, infrared night vision, two-way communication, real-time streaming over WiFi with audio, motion alerts, and sleep insights of your bundle of joy.

Motorola Baby Halo+ Baby Monitor
It can be use on counter/table top too.

Another interesting feature is the ability to record your own voice or you singing which the baby monitor can then play to your baby. That’s, of course, in addition to the library of audio, lullabies and audio books available at your disposal through the Hubble app.

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The best part is, this sci-fi-ish baby care gadget is not stuff of sci-fi; it can be had now for $299.99. However, last checked it is going at a discounted price of $273. We do not know how long the discount will last and so, if you want it at nearly 30 dollars less, you have to act on it soon.

Images courtesy of Binatone Global.

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