This Sci-Fi-ish Baby Monitor Does More Than Just Monitoring Your Bundle Of Joy

Baby monitor. There’s no shortage of them in the market. But the thing is, if look around, most of them are nothing more than video cameras that lets you see you baby. Not the Motorola Baby Halo+ from Binatone Global, an official licensee for Motorola Baby products, though.

The Brick Retro Mobile Phone

if the Brick Retro Mobile Phone were to surface, say about ten years ago, we wouldn’t even look at it because at that time, smartphone were pretty obscured and so were mega-size handsets, but now, things are a little different since phone has been growing in size and so i guess Brick Retro Mobile Phone does have a…

iDECT SMART66 Android Phablet DECT Cordless Phone

you have seen Panasonic given DECT phone the Android treatment, now meet iDECT SMART66 Android Phablet DECT Cordless Phone. announced earlier this year in Europe, London-based Binatone is bringing this smartphone-home phone hybrid to North America.