Designed at the height of the space race in 1969, Zodiac Watches Astrographic was a futuristic watch ahead of its time. It was futuristic in both the looks as well as in its features. It featured an avant-garde shaped case, a minimalistic dial face, and a floating disks comprising of suspended hour and minute markers that simulate two revolving satellites in space and a red dot resembling the Red Planet as the second hand.

Zodiac Astrographic Automatic Watch

Marking Zodiac Astrographic Automatic Watch’s 50th anniversary, Zodiac Watches has brought it back as a one-of-a-kind limited edition re-issue that features all of the above, but with new materials and the watchmaker’s STP 3-13 automatic movement with swan-neck regulator. Each watch comes with a limited edition packaging heavy with some nostalgic look and feel, topped with a dope Astrographic mission patch.

The 2019 Zodiac Astrographic Automatic Watches were offered in two iconic colors: gold-tone and blue dial faces, and are both water resistant to 10 ATM (or about 100 meters or 330 feet). The announcement of the Zodiac Astrographic Automatic Watches came last month, but sadly, the $1,295 watch has since flew off the shelves. TBH, we didn’t expect it to be gone this fast, but it did. I can’t help but to think the quick sale had something to do with 50 years of moon landing this year even though it was not an officially sanction products.

All images courtesy of Zodiac Watches.

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