Baby Basics: What A New Mommy Needs To Know

We must state right away that no matter how many books you read throughout your pregnancy, how many young moms you speak with, or how frequently you attend prenatal school, you will never be prepared for what awaits you after your baby is born. Because practice differs significantly from theory, and this is the most important reality.

We’ve compiled a list to help you get through the first few days with your baby as smoothly as possible, only until you’ve fully recovered and settled into your new routine. Everything will be a lot easier afterward; trust us, many young moms have gone through it all safely and successfully. You don’t have to be afraid; it’s all a matter of good planning and your willingness to accept help from others.

Baby Basics: What A New Mommy Needs To Know
Image: Pexels (Pixabay).

Preparations Before Childbirth

Before you go to the hospital, make sure you stock your house with the essential groceries and hygiene goods, because you won’t be able to run to the shop every time you need something after you return home with your baby. Here’s what you’ll need in your home.

Bottles and substitute milk – In case you are not able to breastfeed, be sure to get one pack of replacement milk, just in case. For this reason, you will also need bottles.

Diapers – During the first days after you get home, you will spend between 8-12 diapers a day, so it is important to have a package ready when you get home. It is best to use top-rated diaper brands because a baby’s skin is very sensitive and prone to irritation. Disposable diapers provide the best absorbent power.

Wet wipes – You need wipes to wipe the baby, but also those for adults if you can’t take a shower every day.

Paper products – Toilet paper and kitchen towels are what must be in the house because when the baby arrives, you will always have to wipe something.

Washing powder – Make sure you have a large package of laundry detergent because you will be washing a lot of laundry.

Baby bedding – Before giving birth, buy several packs of baby bedding so that you can change them often because there will be a lot of accidents and vomiting.

Bodies – Don’t overdo it with the baby’s wardrobe, but buy a lot of one-piece cotton bodysuits and blankets.

Ultra-strong pads – This is by no means a fun topic, but you will really need them the first few weeks, so stock up.

Baby Basics: What A New Mommy Needs To Know
Image: Pexels (Sarah Chai).

First Weeks With the Baby

After all the preparations, you finally arrived home with the most precious packet you could get, ready to take care of it and give it all the love of this world. However, after a short time, you realize that the role of a parent is, in addition to immeasurable happiness, full of anxiety, stress, and exhaustion, but even though it may seem impossible to you that life may once again be calm and peaceful, wait – everything will go back to normal shortly.

The first several months should be spent focusing on your baby’s and your own health. If at all possible, try to get some rest, drink plenty of water, and eat healthily to ensure your well-being. A memory foam baby pillow can contribute to your baby’s comfort during naps and nighttime sleep, supporting its delicate neck and head. Prioritizing self-care alongside your baby’s needs will help create a nurturing environment for both of you.

Motherhood is a wonderful experience, but not an easy one. Ask each mother if the early days with the infant were easy, and she’ll tell you the same thing. However, parenthood will provide you with the most joy, and all of your sleep deprivation and tiredness will be washed away by just one smile from your kid. You will forget about any difficulties that your first period with a baby may bring at this time.


When it comes to (non) sleeping that many people will scare you with for almost all nine months of pregnancy, it can, but does not have to be a problem because every baby is different

When preparing your baby for an afternoon nap, change its diapers, dim the lights and lower the blinds. Prepare yourself at the same time. Put on comfortable clothes, turn off your phones, lock the door and lie down.

To fall asleep as soon as possible after an evening bath, make some changes that will help you fall asleep while your baby is sleeping. Avoid caffeinated beverages a few hours before bed, have a light dinner, and turn off computers and TVs.

Bittersweet Moments

We hope that this article will guide you and prepare you for the sweet torments the baby brings. Keep in mind that this period passes quickly, and before you become aware of it, you will forget about those difficult days.

P.S. don’t forget – above all, babies need love and attention the most!

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