i-MEGO THRONE Cambo X1/X2 Headphones

i-MEGO THRONE Cambodia X2
i-MEGO THRONE Cambo X1/X2 Headphones | US$79.99 | www.i-mego.com

sometimes we think we are paying too much for stylish music gears and for those amount that we are spoiling ourselves with, wouldn’t it be awesome that they could be also for a good cause? that’s what you, or rather i-MEGO will do if you purchase a pair of the special edition i-MEGO THRONE Cambo X1 & X2 Headphones. i-MEGO has pledged to donate $2 for each of these special edition headphones sold to Project Cambodia, an i-MEGO charity initiative to support the improvement of Cambodian orphanages and schools. perhaps $2 may not sound like much but for any charity, every dollar counts and besides, you will be getting a pair of sleek, retro-stylish audio cans with features including 40mm drivers, adjustable headband decorated with commemorative Cambodia flag stripes, comfortable foam and premium soft-earpads for comfort and noise isolation, and gold-plated 3.5mm stereo plug. available in either black (X1) or white (X2), the i-MEGO THRONE Cambo X1 & X2 Headphones carry a retail sticker of $79.90 a pair.

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