MAQE Soundjump Speaker

To say Bluetooth speaker is a dime a dozen is an understatement. Any Tom, Dick and Harry now makes Bluetooth speakers that probably share the same innards pulled from the same bunch of suppliers. So, there’s really nothing to look to and any BT speaker that comes along will be just another BT speaker. Then we read about MAQE Soundjump. It immediately had our attention. First with its beautiful aluminum body that sports a tad less conventional design and second, it has a removable 6,000 mAh battery that doubles as a power bank.


Called Jumpsix, this battery magnetically attaches to the speaker and allows for quick battery swap with another Jumpsix for extended playtime, or as mentioned, use to recharge your mobile devices. The battery, when fully topped, is good for 20 hours of playback, or full recharged a smartphone up to 3 times. Audio reproduction is undertaken by a pair of custom 45mm full-range drivers and two passive radiators, bolstered by a class D amplifier that promised to deliver rich, clear and deep sound. Wireless music streaming is by the way of Bluetooth 4.0 technology and each MAQE Soundjump Speaker comes shipped with a fast charging braided USB cable and 2A power adapter.

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There are beautiful, noteworthy Bluetooth speakers out there and this is definitely one of them, but the difference is, Soundjump won’t strangle your wallet. It will only run you back at $149.99 pop. Better yet. The folks are taking in pre-orders, where you will be able to secure yourself a unit for just $119.99. Go check it out.



submitted via TIP US page.