These Smart Switches Will Save You The Hassle Of Changing To Smart Bulbs

I will be honest here. I am not very familiar with smart lighting, but one thing I know is, if you are going to replace every single bulb in your home with smart bulb, it is going to cost you, like a lot. That’s not including the inevitable blown light bulb down the road. This […]

Elgato Eve Light Switch Lets You Use Siri To Turn Your Lights On And Off

Forget about clapping your hands to turn on the lights. That’s so passé and so impractical. Seriously, can you imagine clapping becomes forbidden in your own home for fear of turning on or off the light for no reasons? Well, with the Elgato Eve Connected Light Switch there’s no such worry because you will be […]

Turning On or Off Your Lamp is as Easy as Flipping this Block of Wood

You know how it is with conventional lamps. You plugged them into wall outlets, switch to always on, and toggle on/off using an inline switch on the cable or a switch on the lamp itself. Whichever way, we have to agree that they are not always easily accessible. The Lightbox solves this by adding a […]

Battery-powered Bluetooth Light Switch Lets You Stick It Anywhere

Relocating light switch is expensive and by no means an easy task. Smartphone controllable light bulbs seem to have solved the issue because you don’t need a light switch at all, but what if, you just needed a switch because, to be honest, sometimes, walking to the switch and flicking it on or off is […]

Buster & Punch Light Switches Will Lend Your Home The Industrial Look

while not exactly the old school flip switches that we inexplicability fond of (those are not safe by today’s standard, btw), the Buster & Punch Light Switches present as an excellent alternatives to the boring switches you might have installed in your home and boy, am i thankful that they do exist because we kind […]

Belkin WeMo Light Switch

fancy starting a home automation for your home, but not sure where to start? well, the Belkin WeMo Light Switch looks like a good place to start. it will not make coffee for you in the morning, but it will, however, let you control the connected light (or lights, depending on how many of the lights you hook it up to) over WiFi, 3G or 4G network using your smartphone

Secret Passageway Switch. hidden switch for your lamp or…

planning to have a secret passageway in your humble abode? well, here’s the perfect switch to activate that passageway of yours. the aptly named Secret Passageway Switch, can turn an ordinary…