Avi-on Bluetooth Light Switch

Relocating light switch is expensive and by no means an easy task. Smartphone controllable light bulbs seem to have solved the issue because you don’t need a light switch at all, but what if, you just needed a switch because, to be honest, sometimes, walking to the switch and flicking it on or off is way easier than reaching out for the phone in your bag. This is where Avi-on comes in and it couldn’t have come onto the market in a more appropriate time. Avi-on is basically a Bluetooth light switch that works with any Avi-on powered plug or light bulb, allowing you to turn on/off or dim the light just like a regular light switch, except that it is totally movable and it can be installed in minutes without punching holes in the wall or deal with messy cables.

Sounds pretty cool and perfect for times when you don’t feel like reaching out for your mobile devices or when your mobile devices’ battery conks out. However, if you want to use your smartphone or tablet to wield control over the paired light bulbs, you still can do so through a dedicated app. The app, available for iOS and Android devices, lets you expand on the light switch usage by offering timers, scheduling, as well as smart device group such as grouping the lighting so you can flick on a group with just a touch of the switch. However, the greatest draw of this world’s first movable light switch is perhaps the freedom to move the switch around (as long as it is within the 100 ft range) and no messy wiring to be bothered with.

There is a catch though. It is not available yet. Avi-on is running its own crowdfunding powered by Tilt Open where it seeks to achieve $80,000 in funding to take Avi-on to production. If you are all up for Avi-on, you can back the campaign and hope like-minded folks do the same. Packages start at $59 and runs up to as high as $1,000 for the “DIY Full House Bundle”. If funded, shipping is expected to happen in Spring 2015. Keep reading for a campaign pitch video.

Avi-on via 9to5Toys