I will be honest here. I am not very familiar with smart lighting, but one thing I know is, if you are going to replace every single bulb in your home with smart bulb, it is going to cost you, like a lot. That’s not including the inevitable blown light bulb down the road. This is why Noon exists. It is a solution to getting smart lighting without having to invest in the tiny details, AKA the bulbs. In other words, Noon are smart light switches that add “smartness” to your home’s lighting without switching out the bulbs. The real draw is immediately apparent. It could save the hassle of switching out bulbs, but it may not necessary save your bank balance. More on that later.

Noon Lighting System Smart Light Switches

The concept of Noon Lighting System is relatively simple. Replace your existing dumb switches with Noon. Once installed, Noon switches supposedly use “advanced algorithms” to automatically detects the bulb type “to minimize buzz and flicker.” You will need to let Noon know the room type, bulbs, the fixtures, after which Noon will automatically create lighting scenes. Scenes are basically profiles that determine the brightness level of the bulbs and also what lights to be on so the overall illumination suits a certain purpose like, for example, reading, or watch movies.

Noon Lighting System Smart Light Switches

There are two parts to the Noon Lighting System: Noon Room Director and Noon Extension Switches. The two “talks” each other wirelessly via Bluetooth and the entire setup syncs with your phone via WiFi. The Director, as the name hinted, is the ‘mastermind’ of this entire setup and sports a OLED touchscreen that will display the current lighting setup and it is required one per room or a general area. It is the key to switching scenes.

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Noon Lighting System Smart Light Switches

With the Noon installed, you can choose to control the light via physical switching, voice, or via your phone, and it won’t ever mess up anything (think two-way switches). We are not sure if Noon is the first, but it probably is as one that does both scenes and still let you use traditional bulbs. At this point, I’d be lying to say am I not sold. I am, but that’s until I see the price. It is rather prohibitive. Each director retails for a hefty $199.99 and an extension switch costs $99.99 a pop.

Noon Lighting System Smart Light Switches

Images: Noon Home.

Noon Home via The Verge.

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