Arcade Light Switch adds a little arcade mood in your room

Working Arcade Light Switch 544x588px
(credit: AlephDesign via Etsy) Arcade Light Switch | US$30.00 |

if you are a huge fan of arcade gaming, then this is one switch you would want to switch to. created by one AlephDesign is this working arcade light switch – and that is precisely what it is called. i know the name might sound a little too boring but the physical item is anything but boring. this custom light switch is made from the push buttons that are found on most arcade gaming machines.
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install like any regular light switch, it will add a touch of arcade-feel to your room and if you happen to have a dedicated arcade gaming room, this will definitely take the mood up a notch. that’s not all, you can actually request for the color(s) you fancy. logically, we would go for two colors to differential between on and off but then again, nobody is stopping you from going the same color route. all you have to do is purchase this $30 custom switch, and email AlephDesign on your specs and color(s) request.

Working Arcade Light Switch via Red Ferret

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