Audio-Technica introduced a pair of new compact speakers

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(credit: Audio-Technica) Audio-Technica Compact Speakers | from US$75.99 |

Audio-Technica has announced a pair of new compact speakers to join their line of comprehensive audio products. these compact form-factor amplifier built-in bus reflex type speakers features 30mm drivers and has 2-watt of power. powered by three AAA batteries that is good for 29 hours listening pleasure. two models are available, namely, the contemporary AT-SPG50 and the rugged AT-SPG51. the former is available in three colors: black, silver or white, while the latter is available in either full black or red on black.
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connection to your audio gear is via a 3.5mm stereo jack. both speakers feature a black mesh grill that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also helps to even out and smoothen the high and low frequencies that the speakers produce. the pair shares the same specifications and it is the exterior that sets them apart. the AT-SPG50 has sleek, clean lines, while the AT-SPG51 has extra padded, harden plastic for the added protection. regardless, both are still suited for on-the-go and outdoor use. the compact speakers retails for $75.99 for the AT-SPG51 model while the AT-SPG50 cost $79.99.

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