If you need a Bluetooth speaker and if you need a coffee table, so why not get a coffee table that is also a Bluetooth speaker? At least, that’s what Hong Kong-based company, CoolGeek, thinks some consumers out there will need this unlikely 2-in-1 solution. The Soundesk, as it is cleverly called, is not the first furniture/speaker hybrid from CoolGeek; it is already selling one other, a Scandinavian-inspired side table with built-in Bluetooth speaker and wireless charger.

CoolGeek Soundesk Coffee Table Speaker

Soundesk takes on a different approach. It is of a contemporary design featuring glass and aircraft-grade aluminum. Just under the round glass table top, on the cone-shape stand is where you will find the speaker system that boasts an array of 5 drivers for a room-filling 360-degree surround sound. The speaker drivers comprise of a 40W “Super Bass” subwoofer, two 15W full-range drivers and a pair of 5W silk dome tweeters.

CoolGeek Soundesk Coffee Table Speaker

The speaker setup, bolstered by DPAC Super Bass, Dynamic Adaptive Amplifier System, and Advanced DSP technology, promised to deliver warm, crystal-clear audio. The table is battery powered (strange to be saying that), but oddly, battery life is not provided. All we know that it is a 4,400 mAh battery, rechargeable to full in 3.4-4 hours time and has a standby life of 3 months.

CoolGeek Soundesk Coffee Table Speaker

If you are thinking (like I do) if the table will vibrate when it is pumping out tunes, well, apparently, it won’t, or so the company claims. CoolGeek said the combination of rubber pad under the center of the glass tabletop (which happens to be a 11 mm thick clear European ore tempered glass, btw) and “built-in anti-vibration controls” ensure you feel like Godzilla is stomping across your living. Finally, if two Soundesks are close to each other, a stereo setup up will automatically occur. But who the heck needs two coffee table in a same space? Office reception area, perhaps?

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If you are interested, Soundesk can be have by backing the product on Kickstarter. Prices start at $399. But as always; it had to be funded to materialize.

Images courtesy of CoolGeek.

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