love the new Beats Studio headphones, but hate the cable? well, seriously, who doesn’t? if cable has been a thorn in your flesh for this long, then you might be elated by this news: the Beats Studio has just gone wireless. the Beats Studio Wireless Headphones, as it is called, offers the same features and functionality such as Adaptive Noise Cancellation (ANC), a built-in rechargeable battery and re-engineered sound with Beats Acoustic Engine, but sans the cable, so that you can rock to the beat without ever have to worry about pulling the plug. while wireless, it is still a mobile-friendly audio cans, thus allowing you to take calls, as well as control the music, all through the Beats’ ‘b’ branding on the earcup.

naturally, wireless capability comes courtesy from Bluetooth technology which lets you stay connected from up to 30 feet away and the built-in rechargeable battery affords up to 12 hours of wireless usage (including the use of ANC, presumably), or 20 hours, when using the detachable cable. an automatic on/off feature turns the headphone off to conserve energy when the headphone isn’t on cable, while a convenient and beautifully implemented battery fuel gauge keep in the know of how much juice is left before the next recharge. and oh, it charges through micro USB, which means the UPP Portable Fuel Cell Power Pack featured earlier, could also be used to top the power up. the Beats Studio Wireless Headphones will be available early December 2013 and carries with it a $379.95 sticker.

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