relive your boombox-over-the-shoulder days with the supersize Beats Pill, aptly denoted with an XL as part of the model name. no dimensions were offered at the time of this writing, but the Beats Pill XL is described as “larger” than the original Pill, but yet extremely lightweight and wait for this, has an integrated handle for, you know what. like its smaller sibling, the XL connects to your Bluetooth-enabled sources via Bluetooth for high-quality wireless audio streaming, has built-in NFC for swift pairing to the Bluetooth devices, or other Pills and also doubles as a speakerphone. however, the similarly pretty much ends there.

packed into this upsized Pill are some interesting features, including Tap to Amplify that enables two Pill XLs to play the same song for a louder sound, Tap to Stereo to make one XL a left channel and another, a right channel, for a true stereo effect, and due to the bigger size, it naturally has a larger lithium-ion battery which offers up to 15-hour of playback. a 5-light LED battery fuel gauge is in place to let in on the battery status so you will know when to keep it topped up and won’t be caught in an embarrassing situation of sudden music disruption. additionally, the new Pill XL also features automatic shut off upon ten minutes of no signal for energy conservation and its larger battery can also be utilized to charge up your smartphone when needed.

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the Beats Pill XL is set to hit the stores, both on and offline this December for $299.95. along with the Beats Pill XL, Beats Electronics also announced an updated, second generation Pill, dubbed the Pill 2.0, that shares the same new features and functionality as the XL. the smaller Pill will also be available in early December for $199.95. click past the jump for a few more views of the Beats Pill XL (honestly, it looks pretty much the same as the smaller Pill in the photos without anything to stack up against, but oh well). it looks like only one color, black, will be offered for XL for now, while the regular Pill will have a few color options.

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