This Pair of Gloves Goes Beyond Touchscreen-friendly, Has NFC for Quick Access to Any App

Gloves that play well with touchscreen device are not new, but here’s an uber sleek pair, dubbed Touchpoint 2.0, from Toronto-based fashion label August Brand that goes beyond touchscreen-friendly; it is NFC-enabled too, thus affording you quick access to any app with just a tap of the gloves’ finger or wrist. Wearability and esthetic of …

Future MasterCard Will Feature Fingerprint Sensor and NFC

the traditional way of signing to authenticate a credit card purchase at store front can be a hassle and not necessary the most secure way. understanding this, over the years payment companies have been trying to make things a little simpler. with Apple Pay announced last month, the Cupertino tech giant is the latest to …

Asset Minimalist Wallet Blocks RFID, Packs Not One But Two NFC Chips

we understand why there is a need for wallet to have RFID, but we are not entirely sure why there is a need for wallet to be NFC-enabled. then again, if it can, why not? such is what this beautiful minimalist wallet, dubbed Asset, is touting. not only does it keeps sophisticated, high-tech criminals from …

Dimple NFC Shortcut Buttons For Android Devices

NFC is an awesome invention, but do you really use it? we don’t. for everyone else like us who don’t, Delaware-based Dimple Inc. has a brilliant idea of utilizing your Android devices’ NFC to do things apart from pairing with Bluetooth devices or making payments. the product is simply called Dimple. Dimple is a set …

Beats Pill XL

relive your boombox-over-the-shoulder days with the supersize Beats Pill, aptly denoted with an XL as part of the model name. no dimensions were offered at the time of this writing, but the Beats Pill XL is described as “larger” than the original Pill, but yet extremely lightweight and wait for this, has an integrated handle for, you know what.

Softpad C1 Foldable NFC Keyboard for Android

billed as the world’s first NFC keyboard, the Softpad C1 Foldable NFC Keyboard for Android smartphones by Norwegian company One2Touch uses NFC for swift pairing with your NFC-enabled Android smartphones and thru this close proximity wireless connection, equipping your Android smartphones with a full-size

Sony Smartwatch 2

Sony is calling its second-generation smartwatch, the Sony Smartwatch 2, the “most advanced smartwatch available” which sounds pretty bold a claim. kicking off the wealth of features is its IPX57 built, which gives the watch dust- and water resistance capability and those happens to be the two qualities that warrant our attentions. cos’ smartwatches with such protection is still

Loewe Speaker 2go NFC-enabled Bluetooth Speaker

in a market swarmed with Jambox-like Bluetooth speakers, it is easy to forget the one thing that your discerning sound hole craves for: power output. with most speaker letting out measly 3 watts to 16 watts output, the Loewe Speaker 2go NFC-enabled Bluetooth Speaker easily stands out with its 40 watts of total output

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