if Bluetooth pairing has somehow come between you and Bluetooth headphones, then the SuperTooth FREEDOM NFC Bluetooth Headphones should remove that barrier with its NFC capability for one-touch pairing, if not it will just make the process more convenient. the beauty of NFC-enabled devices and equipment is, its the hassle-free one-touch pairing process and apart from that, FREEDOM provides you with powerful sound reproduction via its 40mm drivers, up to 15 hours of Bluetooth streaming – rechargeable in just 3 hours, a sleek design with wide headband and generously-sized ear cushions, and quality wirelessly streaming via apt-X. it is works with any Bluetooth A2DP-equipped devices and it also supports AVRCP, which gives you music control directly from the audio cans. additionally, built-in microphone ensure that you can take calls while in the midst of your music appreciation routine. we can’t help it if you look like a crazy dude talking to himself when doing that cos’ no amount of technology would be able to address that. the SuperTooth FREEDOM NFC Bluetooth Headphones recently made its debut at the CTIA 2013 and is set to hit the stores this Summer for a mere $149 a pair.

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