If you use a privacy screen on your laptop, then it is safe to assume you are a person who works in the public a lot and if that’s the case, there is a new gadget accessory in town which you really check it out. Called Alcove, it is the world’s first hybrid laptop case slashed mobile workstation. How so? Alcove works to keep your laptop cosy and protected while on the go, but when you need to work on the laptop, it opens (almost in an origami fashion) to a mobile workstation, complete with privacy side panels. And mind you, those panels aren’t there just anyhow.

Alcove Mobile Workstation and Laptop Case Hybrid

Apparently, quite a bit of research and studies have been done to determine the optimum privacy and noise control. Consulting with acoustics experts, Alcove is design to suppress sound so you’d get a distraction-free workspace and the sound coming from your furious tapping on the keyboard will not be offending fellow patrons who are actually there to drink coffee. The product itself is crafted out of leather and wool felt and boasts access to laptop ports for charging. It is outfitted with a rechargeable battery which can be used to power the optional light bar and there’s an add-on visor that, if you desire, added to keep the nasty bright sunlight out of your device’s display.

Alcove Mobile Workstation and Laptop Case Hybrid

I know most people are unlikely to do this, but in case you are interested, Alcove Mobile Workstation and Laptop Case Hybrid can also serve as a handy reading place, especially when use with the optional light bar. I don’t why anyone feel compelled to read in private, but I guess it is to each of his own. If you are up for it, you can help to make Alcove a reality by backing the product’s campaign on Kickstarter. A pledge of $79 or more will land yourself a unit if the campaign meets its set funding goal in the next 39 days or so. Skip ahead for the pitch video.

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Alcove Mobile Workstation and Laptop Case Hybrid

Alcove Mobile Workstation and Laptop Case Hybrid

Images: Alcove.

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