A Singapore lifestyle product brand seems to have taken a page off today’s design trend of taking design inspirations from everyday objects. The label, called Wheniwasfour, has turned a local icon into a bag and the result is way more LOL. But it is only as quirky only if you understand the local culture in Singapore. You see, over in Singapore, when you take away local style coffee (which is brewed from the good’ol coffee socks, btw), you’d get it in a transparent plastic bag with somewhat elastic (if you stretch hard enough) strings for carrying. Drop a straw in it and you all set. That’s a stark contrast to most western countries where paper cups are the receptacle of choice.

Kopi Dabao Bag by Wheniwasfour

Anyways, the folks over at Wheniwasfour thought it will be fun to turn this nayang icon into a shoulder bag. Yes. A shoulder bag. But of course, it is made of more durable material to stand up to more than mere milk coffee. Aptly called Kopi Dabao Bag (which literally means coffee take-away bag), the bag is made of transparent and brown PVC to mimic a filled to-go plastic bag and each bag comes with a pink and green straps which you can swap in accordance to your preference. The straps here represent the string carrier thing on the actual to-go plastic bag and if you ask me, they look rather painful to use due to the thinnest. Just saying…

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Kopi Dabao Bag by Wheniwasfour

While the Kopi Dabao Bag may have taken a leaf out of today’s design trend, it is however priced very differently. At 19.90 Singapore dollars (around US$14.70) a pop, it is as affordable as the local coffee, well, proportionally, that is, and it is, obviously, gazillion of times more affordable than Balenciaga’s attempt to imitate Ikea Frakta bag and the age-old China travel bag.

Kopi Dabao Bag by Wheniwasfour

Kopi Dabao Bag by Wheniwasfour

Images: WhenIwasfour.

via Goody Feed.

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  1. Must be the Lightest Brewed Coffee on the Face of the Earth?/! One US-Gallon of Water weighs ~3,783-grams (~8.34-pounds, US). And “Brewed Coffee” of the Same Volume ~3,934.3-grams (~8.68-pounds). And yet there Very Little (IF ANY) Muscle Tone Pressure being Applied to the Hand and Arm Holding the Bags of Liquid Coffee…

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