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This Innovative Laptop Case Can Transform Into A Privacy Workstation

If you use a privacy screen on your laptop, then it is safe to assume you are a person who works in the public a lot and if that’s the case, there is a new gadget accessory in town which you really check it out. Called Alcove, it is the world’s first hybrid laptop case slashed mobile workstation. How so? Alcove works to keep your laptop cosy and protected while on the go, but when you need to work on the laptop, it opens (almost in an origami fashion) to a mobile workstation, complete with privacy side panels. And mind you, those panels aren’t there just anyhow. Continue reading This Innovative Laptop Case Can Transform Into A Privacy Workstation

This Innovative Laptop Cover Adds Two Displays To Your Laptop

Before Razer’s concept monstrosity, a three-monitor laptop, becomes a reality, a Belgium company Slide N’ Joy wants every laptop, including MacBook, to sport a three-monitor setup with an innovative laptop cover called Le Slide, AKA Your Slide. With this laptop cover attached to your laptop, you can slide out two screens, one on either side, thus expanding the laptop’s screen real estate by 2 times – all it needs is a USB port to power the two additional displays. Blessed with three displays, you can get onto the Internet, check your emails, and edit documents all at the same time. For gamers, you will get to play compatible games in super wide screen mode and thus bumping up the immersion level, and you’d be doing that anywhere, anytime. Continue reading This Innovative Laptop Cover Adds Two Displays To Your Laptop

The Gfeller Document Case by Best Made Co.: Uber Stylish Document Case That’s Hard to Ignore

If you haven’t already gone paperless and travels quite a bit, then we suppose you still need a document bag, or in this case, a document case for all your papers and writing materials. If so, here’s one coming from Best Made Co., dubbed Gfeller Document Case, that should appeal to style-conscious, paper-loving folks. Made by Idaho-based Gfeller Casemakers, whom are known for making outstanding leather goods for archaeologists and geologists since 1946, the Gfeller Document Case is a sight to behold and is an object of beauty, one which we would described as the aristocrat of document bags. Continue reading The Gfeller Document Case by Best Made Co.: Uber Stylish Document Case That’s Hard to Ignore

DIY Pelican Watchcase by The Martinator

normally, a home-based watchcase (i.e. non-portable display) is the storage of choice for any proud watch collectors to showoff their luxury loot. however, in case you like to take the less-than-normal route such as toting hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of watches around, there’s the DIY Pelican Watchcase by The Martinator to see to that. thought up by some watch geek who discovered that the Pelican 1470 laptop case is actually pretty good fit for a portable watch case, this totally desirable, covert operative-like watch case can be custom with pro-grade foam for you by one Martin Lim for just $260. or you could grab this awesome case (which cost something like 120 bucks), or any case that you think is cool and stylish and do it yourself. Continue reading DIY Pelican Watchcase by The Martinator

ViVAX Rugged Laptop Case

ViVAX Rugged Laptop Case
we don’t want to be kidding ourselves that a regular laptop sleeve would do any real protection for our laptops. the reality is, it is not going to absorb the impact even if the laptop appears to be sound cos’ internally, it is not going be ok and this is why you will need a ruggedized case such as the ViVAX Rugged Laptop Case if extreme protection is what you are after. this case really do mean business. externally, the ViVAX is constructed from special material similar to those used in crash helmets and on the inside, it is lined with a PoronXrd shockproof polymer for extreme shock absorption. Continue reading ViVAX Rugged Laptop Case

The Original V_Neck Sleeve

The Original V_Neck Sleeve
(photos: Computer Apparel) The Original V_Neck Sleeve | from US$39.99 | www.computer-apparel.com

when it comes to gadget protections, we are real fussy about it. cos’ we don’t want to look too plain or bear the iPad-next-door image. that said, a gadget sleeve (or case, if you prefer) like the The Original V_Neck Sleeve featured here would be one of our sleeve of choice. created by a very aptly named firm Computer Apparel, this novel approach in sleeve design leaves us lusting for one and would certainly stir speculations as to why would anyone tote a folded tee around. perfect deception or attraction. you be the judge. designed to look like a regular folded V-neck t-shirt and made of 100% cotton, this lovely sleeve features a well padded zipper compartment for your iPad or laptops (up to 17-inch) and a bonus second pocket for other miscellaneous items (i.e. notepad, sketchpad and the likes) – both which are located at the back of the ‘t-shirt’. Continue reading The Original V_Neck Sleeve

Incase for Shepard Fairey

Incase for Shepard Fairey
Incase for Shepard Fairey | from US$29.95 | www.goincase.com

the Incase for Shepard Fairey series is something that any art lovers would not ignore. street artist Shepard Fairey work of arts graced a range of Incase products that are designed for Apple products like the iPod Touch, iPhone 4S/4 and MacBook. the collection includes iPhone/iPod Touch case, laptop sleeves of various sizes (11-, 13- and 15-inch), as well as backpack. each product is adorned with a selection of bold patterns and illustrations emblematic of peace and harmony – in fact, three designs are showcased: Elephant, Ornament and Pattern, on these products. here’s what Fairey got to say about these artworks: Continue reading Incase for Shepard Fairey

Terra Collection by Incase

Terra Collection by Incase
(photos: Incase) Terra Collection by Incase | from US$49.95 | www.goincase.com

so what is Terra? according to an unnamed dictionary, it means “(in science fiction) planet earth; land or territory.” so what’s does the Terra Collection, a series of bags and sleeves for laptop, from Incase has to do with Terra? well, this beautiful collection that includes backpack, tote bag and laptop sleeves of varying sizes, are weaved from natural materials such as denim and canvas. there is no rocket science here, they are just uncomplicated, casual bags designed for you to easily stuff your belongings in and assure a light-weighted traveling. so you get it now? natural materials plus traveling – both that are closely linked to our planet earth. Continue reading Terra Collection by Incase


(photos: KILLSPENCER) KILLSPENCER DOPP / FOLIO | from US$149.00 | www.killspencer.com

if you love the idea of using your washbag as your gadget bag, the KILLSPENCER DOPP / FOLIO might just be the perfect bag for you. as the name suggest, it is both a toiletry bag and a folio suitable for your iPad or 11-inch Macbook Air. it is as simple as that. i know it might not be the brightest idea in the world, considering that a washbag will typically experience spills from gels or whatever fluid but still, i find the minimalist design rather attractive. on the other hand, it might just be a good idea for travelling as you will save yourself from bringing another bag for your 11-inch laptop. Continue reading KILLSPENCER DOPP / FOLIO

Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Collection

Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Collection 900x600px
(photos: Tokidoki) Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Collection | from US$24.00 | www.tokidoki.it

Tokidoki has given many iconic characters of our time a Tokidoki-style makeover and the latest to be put through this makeover session is the iconic feline without mouth aka Hello Kitty. if you are purist fan of Hello Kitty, you might not be amused but for Tokidoki fans, the Tokidoki x Hello Kitty should be equally collectable like the Marvel and Barbie collections. the collection includes a laptop case ($55), an organizer ($45), a hand bag ($175), a luggage ($280), a pencil case ($24), a necklace ($36) and a wristwatch ($75). the star of the print is of course, Ms Kitty herself dressed up as Tokidoki’s Sandy, accompanied by her new found friends. Continue reading Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Collection