normally, a home-based watchcase (i.e. non-portable display) is the storage of choice for any proud watch collectors to showoff their luxury loot. however, in case you like to take the less-than-normal route such as toting hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of watches around, there’s the DIY Pelican Watchcase by The Martinator to see to that. thought up by some watch geek who discovered that the Pelican 1470 laptop case is actually pretty good fit for a portable watch case, this totally desirable, covert operative-like watch case can be custom with pro-grade foam for you by one Martin Lim for just $260. or you could grab this awesome case (which cost something like 120 bucks), or any case that you think is cool and stylish and do it yourself. the choice is entirely yours, but our usual advise would be: why bother when there’s a pro looking out for you (for a fee, of course). so check it out. oh, the website is still not fully functional yet, but you can head on down to Martin’s Facebook page and touch base with him for information.

Facebook via Gear Patrol

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