if you are rocket scientist who loves vinyl records, then you are going to love what the world’s only counterbalanced turntable has to offer for your picky sound holes and with an asking price of $28,000, it is probably also the world’s only turntable with a ridiculously expensive price tag. similarly, the technical aspect of its setup is nothing short of mind-boggling and to that end, it includes a turnable held in suspense to eliminate the troublesome sonic aberrations generated by common consumer models, with a counter-rotating platter that is said to cancel the torsional forces that will otherwise cause fluctuations in rotational speed and in turn, distort the music. and that’s not all, the pair of precision machined, shiny 30-lb. aluminum platter are secured by a twin plinths made from “sonically dead” composite, isolated by viton/silicone composite o-rings that dampen all mechanical and environmental vibration.

other highlights include an inverted twin-bearing design for reduce torque-induced drag, hydraulic insulation for even more dampening, whisper-quiet Swiss-made DC motors, and optical sensors working along with a CPU that sees to a consistent, stable rotational speed. in short, this is like the most technically-advanced turntable that money can buy, and yes, we are fully aware of the irony that might have indadvertedly comes with it: a media player of a bygone era, rebooted with very high-tech specs and it has the honor of bagging the Best Sound High Fidelity award at the Munich High-End, which is reportedly the largest high-end audio show in the world.

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