if you want to do it like a pro, a ‘regular’ chronograph is not going to cut it as a race watch. you would likely need to get a designed-for-track digital watch, but with the Halda Race Pilot Watch you get both – a regular mechanical watch, and a dedicated race watch. the watch comes standard with two interchangeable modules: a race module that runs on an electronic movement by Halda (Caliber HR 2012-1) and a mechanical module with an automatic Zenith engine (Caliber 685), and since you get to have both, you can switch them around to suit your needs. need to attend a tuxe event? slap on the mechanical module and look as sharp as anyone else, or if hitting the track is on the agenda, just switch out the mechanical module for the race module that will provide you with race-specific functionality such as racetrack information from 150 of the world’s most popular racetrack, race chronograph with accuracy down to 1/100 of a second, FIA Formula 1 countdown, and three-axis accelerometer for a three-direction G-force measurement.

we are not sure when this watch is available (it could be now), but we do know the asking price. it will bust a €14,000 (around US$18,350) hole in your bank account for the complete set i.e. both the race and mechanical modules. however, you can also choose to purchase the it separately for €7,500 (about US$9,830) and €9,800 (approximately US$12,850), for the race module and the mechanical module, respectively. regardless which model you choose, each timepiece will comes with a platform with docking system and a set of strap in natural rubber. check out a few more look after the break.

Halda Watch Co. via Uncrate

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