Affordable Bamford Timepiece: Bamford x G-Shock Limited Edition 5610 Watch

If you love the minimalistic, but yet stylish aesthetic offers by Bamford, then you may dig what Bamford has done to the G-Shock 5610. This is not Bamford’s own doing, btw. It is an official collaboration between Bamford and the Japanese watchmaker based on the G-Shock 5600 series timepiece.

Nixon The Unit Boba Fett Limited Reissue Watch Lacks “Battle Scars”

Have you ever seen the infamous bounty hunter, Boba Fett, flick his wrist to check the time? No. He probably don’t even have a watch. Then how the hell did he keep to his schedule? Question, question, question. I guess we will never know and it probably doesn’t matter, but to you, his loyal fan, […]

G-SHOCK Gets The Maharishi Treatment For The Fourth Time

We are witnessing a what could be a collaboration addiction between Casio G-SHOCK and UK-based pacifist military design label Maharishi. Yes. That Maharishi, again. Not that we are tired of the wonderful collaboration, but our wallets certainly won’t be too please because, not surprisingly, the resulting product, the G-SHOCK x Maharishi GDG1000MH-1A, is pretty tantalizing […]

2nd-Gen G-SHOCK G-STEEL Introduced, Look Less Formal But Still As Sleek

We love how Casio gave G-SHOCK watches the metal treatment and this second generation only serves to reinforce the idea that G-SHOCK can look good in steel and you need not to look silly with a G-SHOCK timepiece when in suit/shirt and pants. Announced for Spring, this second wave consists of four watches all featuring […]

Thanks To Casio, The World Will Get Its First Rugged Smartwatch Soon

So far, smartwatches are mainly designed for urban warriors. You know, people who are unlikely to bash through bushes and things like that. You can’t expect Apple Watch to go white water rafting, can you? Absolutely not. The price itself is a warning for you not to let go beyond the comfort the urbanized environment. […]

Casio G-SHOCK and Skateboard Lifestyle Brand HUF Collaborates to Release Limited Edition Watch

Whether you are a G-SHOCK collector or a skateboarder who love leading the skateboard lifestyle, I am sure the Casio G-SHOCK x HUF GD400 Watch will appeal to you. The watch is a product that “celebrates shared principles of rebellion from mainstream, perseverance and a passion for craftsmanship” and one that is, naturally, skateboard-inspired. It […]

Casio’s New PRO TREK Watch Gets 200 Meter Water Resistant

We have always have a thing for outdoor watches, though from the belly each of us here has, it is fairly obvious that outdoor activities are the last thing we do these days. But that’s not the point. The point is, Casio has a new outdoor timepiece that would appeal to serious outdoor enthusiasts (and […]

Casio Teams Up With Va$htie To Release Limited Edition Gold G-SHOCK Watch

Gold is not the usual thing when it comes to G-SHOCK. Though the world’s most loved, super tough digital timepiece does have some gold colored watches in its lineup, they are not quite the gold, gold one might have expected. That said, if you are all up for some goldish ‘bling’ that comes with the […]

Casio G-SHOCK New Military Black Series For 2015 Arrives In January

There are a lot of military-grade wrist watches out there, but for Casio’s G-SHOCK digital timepieces, they do not need to hang a label that says they are military tough, because as it is, they are beyond tough as nails. What it lacks is a coat of suitable color to match its toughness. No. We […]

Futuristic, Buttonless Type 50 Wrist Watch Uses Flashing Light to Set Precise Time

there are wrist watches and then there are wrist watches that challenged the status quo of watch design, and the latter is what Division Furtive did with the Type 50 wrist watches. it won’t project holographic images, but it is still worthy as a member of the watch of the future which you can own […]