understanding that not everyone is a fan of preloading contents into a wireless drive, Kingston refreshed its two-year old Wi-Drive with the Kingston MobileLite Wireless Flash Reader which does away with the ‘restrictive’ internal storage for more flexible media like USB flash drives and SD cards. it is still very much the wireless drive you know, just that it now reads from the many USB flash drives and SD cards (an adapter is included, in case you are with microSD) you have amassed during this ongoing digital revolution and that’s all there is to it. and since its a wireless drive, you can conveniently share whatever data you wish with your friends via WiFi and stream up to three movies to three different devices simultaneously.

additionally, it packs a rechargeable five-hour battery which you can use it to juice up your USB-powered devices. obvious, doing that will no doubt take away a portion of its modest battery life (that’s why Kingston is referring it to as “emergency backup battery charger”), but the boon is, you can actually recharge your mobile device while using its wireless flash reader functionality. as of now, the Kingston MobileLite Wireless Flash Reader will work exclusively with iOS devices, with support for Android and Kindle Fire to follow. the company is also working on support for Windows Phone, Windows PC, as well as Mac. you can find the Kingston MobileLite Wireless Flash Reader on Amazon for $94 and it will be appearing on store shelves of Staples soon. global availability will be soon via “a ramped regional rollout.”

Kingston via Gear Patrol

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