PC Modder Creates 128GB Floppy Disk Readable Using A Modded Floppy Drive

We have seen many spectacular PC case mods, but sometimes the one that takes the cake is the good’ol ‘ugly’ beige colored cases from the 90s. One modder Imgur user by the handle of Dr Moddnstine did exactly that. He was gutted and replaced an original IBM Aptiva from 1995 with today’s hardware, including an […]

Leef Access microSD Card Reader For Android

most Android devices in the market sport expandable card slot to facilitate easy transfer of contents between your device and other devices or basically, allows for more storage capacity, but in case yours does not have one, or is hidden away by back cover which makes access a hassle, or you simply want to swap around several microSD…

Kingston MobileLite Wireless Flash Reader

understanding that not everyone is a fan of preloading contents into a wireless drive, Kingston refreshed its two-year old Wi-Drive with the Kingston MobileLite Wireless Flash Reader which does away with the ‘restrictive’ internal storage for more flexible media like USB flash drives and SD cards. it is still very much the