Wearable Inc., together with Maxell joins the likes of Seagate, Kingston and Hitachi to introduce a new...

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Wearable Inc., together with Maxell joins the likes of Seagate, Kingston and Hitachi to introduce a new wireless storage solution for your iOS devices. dubbed the AirStash, it is essentially a SD card reader that has the added advantage of wireless-N access point, a media server and sport a built-in rechargeable battery as well. being a SD card reader, it has no internal storage but instead, the storage comes in the form of SD card as provided by the user, and it supports up to 32-GB. though the capacity may not be something to shout about, but it offers the flexibility of expanding its storage with more SD cards. it also allows for easy organization, such as one card for photos, one for movies, so on and so forth.
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when connected to a computer, AirStash works like any ordinary SD card reader but when it is free from the computer, it will takes on the duty as a wireless storage for your iOS devices. the AirStash touted a few improvements over the current offerings by its competitors and one of them is the ability to allow more users to connect to it, up to eight users to be exact. having SD card bearing the duty of storage has one significant advantage such as users can instantly stream video or view photos taken with their camera or camcorder that uses SD card. the drive allows for two-way wireless connectivity to iPad with WebDAV where users can wirelessly save documents from their tablet to AirStash and share these documents with others instantly using industry standard WebDAV technology. this two-way document transfer will works with both new and existing apps which include Apple’s Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. think of it as a network drive for everyone that’s connected to it.

power comes from a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery which can be recharged via any standard USB connection. along with the hardware, an AirStash+ app is also available for free on the AppStore to allow users to browse and import batch photographs quickly and easily. one of the highlight of this app is its ability to browse photos of up to 35-megapixels directly from the camera’s SD card without even importing them. the AirStash wireless drive is available now for $99.99. check out the AirStash Demo with iPhone video and the official press release after the break.

[toggle title_open=”Hide Press Release” title_closed=”Show Press Release” hide=”yes” border=”yes” style=”white”]Maxell Corporation of America to Distribute AirStash® The World’s First and Only Wireless Flash Drive for iPad, and iPhone and Other Smart Devices

Maxell invites tablet and smartphone owners to get “blown away” by the world’s first wireless flash drive with media streaming and two-way document transfer capability

CHICAGO, July 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Wearable Inc. and Maxell today announced a partnership to distribute AirStash®, the first and only wireless flash drive with media streaming and two-way wireless document transfer capability. AirStash is a perfect companion to the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch for anyone who wants to view, save and share documents and media on the go. The partnership will bring second-generation AirStash products bundled with Maxell flash memory to retail, business-to-business and online channels later this year.

AirStash is the only device to combine the portability of a standard USB flash drive, the flexibility of SD flash media, the power of a media streamer, and the convenience of wireless two-way file transfer. AirStash uses a standard USB connection, so you don’t need to carry a special cable or power adapter to use or recharge AirStash. SD-card support provides infinite expandability and the ability to exchange files and media with millions of existing SD-card based products.

AirStash empowers iPad users to leave their laptop at home and work with all their documents and media on a pocket-sized flash drive. Users can wirelessly save, backup and share documents from their iPad to AirStash instead of emailing files over the Internet to another device in the same room. AirStash provides complete versatility with both wireless and USB operation. Users can quickly transfer gigabytes of files either wirelessly or via USB with the convenience, reliability, and security of a standard USB drive. AirStash supports the WebDAV industry standard for compatibility with popular apps including Apple’s iWork suite and GoodReader for iOS and WebDAV Navigator for Android.

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“We are extremely excited by the opportunity to bring AirStash to the retail market in partnership with such a well-respected brand as Maxell,” said Matthew Klapman, CEO of Wearable Inc. “The Maxell name stands for storage and media innovation that customers trust,” added Rich D’Ambrise, Director of New Business Development for Maxell, “Through our partnership with Wearable Inc., Maxell is taking a leadership position in wireless storage technology for a new generation of smartphones and tablets.”

About the AirStash

AirStash is an easy to use pocket-sized wireless flash drive with built-in media streamer and two-way wireless file transfer that offers expandable iPad, iPhone, and iPod storage for movies, photos, music, eBooks, and documents. Users can download more apps and still carry dozens of movies or thousands of photos and wirelessly stream them to their iPhone or iPad. AirStash uses standard SD cards for storage, so it’s infinitely expandable.

AirStash features:

— Two-Way Wireless Connectivity to iPad with WebDAV

iPad users are able to wirelessly save documents from their tablet to the AirStash and share the documents with others immediately using industry standard WebDAV technology. It works with new and existing applications including Apple’s Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. With AirStash, there’s no more need to email files from one device to another in the same room.

— Premium Media Streaming

Users can store and stream video and audio from their pocket thanks to the compact nature of AirStash. The premium social multimedia server gives users the freedom to enjoy movies, TV shows, and music wherever they go. Users can even share and play different media files on multiple devices simultaneously with the use of one AirStash.

— Easy Photo Browsing & Importing

The AirStash+ app, available for free on Apple’s App Store, built at the request of professional photographers, allows AirStash owners the ability to browse and batch import photos quickly and easily. Users can immediately browse photos up to 35 megapixels directly from their camera’s SD card without waiting to import them. Photos can also be imported either at full resolution or resized to a space-saving resolution that matches the device display. This allows professional in-field editing and emailing with 3rd party apps.

Get connected to the latest AirStash news and updates on Twitter @AirStash and Facebook at http://facebook.com/airstash.

Retailers and distributors who are interested in stocking AirStash should contact Maxell Sales and Marketing at 1 800 533 2836.

About Wearable Inc.

Wearable Inc. was incorporated in April 2006 with a mission to focus on portable, body worn electronic products. Its first products were storage silicon ICs sold in the embedded electronics market. At the end of 2008, Wearable Inc. shifted to the consumer market and leveraged its patent pending technology to evolve the USB flash drive to work with mobile devices. Wearable Inc. is a privately owned USA corporation.

About Maxell Corporation of America:

Maxell Corporation of America, a technology and marketing leader, is a full line manufacturer of digital media products for consumer, professional and data storage markets. The company offers a full line of electronics care and maintenance products along with storage products and a well-known brand of headphones, iPad/iPhone/iPod/MP3 accessories, peripherals and speakers. Maxell has been recognized for forty years for delivering a comprehensive line of digital tape and disc-based recording media products for consumer audio, video and data storage applications.

For more information, please visit http://www.maxell.com/ .

AirStash® is a registered trademark of Wearable Inc. iPad®, iPhone® and iPod® are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

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