Numark iDJ Live gives you tactile feel for DeeJaying with iPad

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(credit: Numark) Numark iDJ Live | US$99.95 |

no matter how good is a DeeJaying app for your iPad (or iPhone or iPod Touch), there still something missing from it – that’s missing link is the good old tactile feel of a traditional DJ console. the AppStore is certainly not lacking of DJ apps but to get that tactile feel back, you gotta have an accessory like the Numark iDJ Live. co-developed with Algoriddim, this gadget comes complete with a central control panel that sports a bunch of buttons and knobs, including a crossfader, plus the DJ-must have – a pair of platters for the cueing and scratching job.
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it works in sync with Algoriddim’s Djay app or other Core MIDI-enabled apps, turning you into a, well, iDJ. what else? a custom audio cable is supplied for you to connect your iDJ Live to the sound system of your choice. connection to your iOS devices is via the 30-pin connector which also doubles as a stand. judging from the pic with the iPad on, it does look like a decent piece of setup for your next DeeJay stint. in fact, the iDJ Live works much like the FirstMix USB DJ Controller, except that you will be lugging your iPad around instead of a laptop, which is obviously much lighter. the Numark iDJ Live is available now for $99.95.

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