This Tiny Box Wants to Light Up Your Party, Bringing Your Music to Live

Throwing a dorm or home party with seriously ground-moving tunes? Then we bet you’re going to love Rayger. This handy little box is a music frequency responsive device that, when rigged to strips of LEDs, will create a spectacular light show based on the beat of your music. With this little guy here, the era […]

Braven Fuse Portable Audio Mixer Wants You To Play DJ On-The-Go

With the popularity of Bluetooth speakers and portable media players, it is only a matter of time that audio mixers go mobile too. When we said mobile, we do not just mean luggage size kind of portable, but rather, one that can slip easily into a backpack or even a pocket and the Braven Fuse […]

Pyle Street Blaster 1000W Boombox

no. what you see here is not a jet engine, but it is an equivalent monster in the portable audio world. it is the Pyle Street Blaster 1000W Boombox that, as the product name implies, offers a house-shattering 1000W of audio grunt. when was the last time you heard of a portable that gives you anything more than…

iRing Motion Controller For Music Apps

electronic or synthesizer music is synonymous with future (just think Daft Punk and Tron and you will get the idea) and therefore, it is only fitting for DJs to spin those meth-induced tunes by gesture control. while traditional DJ gears won’t let you do that, some iOS music apps can – with the aid of

AKG Y55 DJ Headphones

normally, a pair of DJ headphones is not quite suitable for everyday non-DJ, but with the AKG Y55 DJ Headphones, it is designed specifically for both. you can expect this pair of DJ audio cans to deliver “legendary AKG signature sound with enhanced bass” in a piece of hardware that is said

umidi Custom DJ Controller

you may have developed your own (electronic) musical style up to this point, but why stop there? shouldn’t your hardware speaks the same individual style as your music? so perhaps it is time to embark on the next step and take things a little more professionally by having your own custom DJ console, which you can start by acquiring the umidi Custom DJ Controller.

Palette Customizable Control Interface

while mouse and stylus are handy tools for designers mucking around with software like Photoshop, Lightroom and the likes, they are not exactly the most convenient options and mostly importantly they lack of the tactile touch that some designers craved for. in comes the Palette, a control interface that not only gives you the tactile feel

Nocs NS900 Live Headphones

we have featured a number of DJ gears here, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a DJ by profession to enjoy them which is precisely why we are featuring them in the first place (though it won’t hurt if you are one); to let you know that you can actually own them, such as this pair of DJ headphones from Swedish audio equipment maker Nocs, dubbed the Nocs NS900 Live Headphones.

SOL REPUBLIC Master Tracks XC Headphones

the SOL REPUBLIC Master Tracks XC Headphones, studio tuned by Calvin Harris, dispels the notion that studio headphones has to be big and cumbersome. at a glance, it looks like a pair of cans that you wear when you are and about, and not just for Deejaying gigs or in the studio. tuned to the exacting standards of the award-winning producer Calvin Harris