normally, a pair of DJ headphones is not quite suitable for everyday non-DJ use, but with the AKG Y55 DJ Headphones, it is designed specifically for both. you can expect this pair of DJ audio cans to deliver “legendary AKG signature sound with enhanced bass” in a piece of hardware that is said to have “made to DJ specs.” features include 3.5mm hard gold-plated audio plug, snug-fitting ear cushions, closed-back design to prevent sound bleed and ambient noise disturbance, single-side detachable cable with inline universal remote and integrated microphone, rotatable earcup for one-ear monitoring, a rugged design to stand up to daily abuse, and a 3d-axis fold-flat design to facilitate easy storage and transportation. it comes supplied with a 3.5mm to 6.3mm plug adapter to ensure maximum compatibility with whatever hardware.

the AKG Y55 DJ Headphones comes in a choice of four colors and has a high-tech satin finish to it. touted as an affordable access to renowned AKG sound quality, the AKG Y55 DJ Headphones is in fact, an entry level DJ headphones coming from the Harman company and it sure has the price to live up to its name, well, in Harman-AKG sense, that is. the AKG Y55 DJ Headphones goes for $129.95 a pop and will be available on AKG online store. the last checked, it still not up on the US store yet. perhaps later? i don’t know. we sure don’t fancy being pointed to somewhere, saying “it is available at so-and-so” and ended with nothing when we visit the store. then again, these guys had just unveiled at the 2014 CES, so we really should be a little more patience, eh?

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